Rope access offers an efficient, safe and cost-effective approach for maintenance, new construction and renovation work.

We have a proven reputation in delivering the highest safety accessing complex engineering challenges.

vertical access solutions

Rope access work allows us to get into places that you may not be able to reach normally using traditional methods.

  • Environmentally friendly

  • More efficient 

  • Lower cost

  • Safe

  • All around access

  • Emergency access 

Rope access has revolutionized the way we approach building maintenance and repair. With this innovative technique, we can provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services related to the building envelope, from cleaning to installation and maintenance. The best part? Rope access allows us to complete these tasks quickly, efficiently, and at a lower cost, adding significant value to our clients' projects. By choosing rope access, our clients can rest assured that their buildings are in safe and capable hands.

There are endless possibilities when using rope access systems.


High-Rises are difficult for inspectors to closely identify problems with. Our industrial rope access services offers safe inspections and testing where access is difficult.


Rope access installation is a specialised skill, requiring not just rope access training, but professional tradesmen who have successfully installed many products.


Joint sealant and joint repair is an important part of any commercial building. They are designed to join two different materials and control water, moisture and debris entry or accumulation.


Our team is experienced when it comes to making high-rise buildings and underground parking lots durable and capable of withstanding all elements of weather.


When it comes to preventing moisture, water or wind flashing is your front line of defense. Combined with sealant flashing it is the best option for all commercial buildings.


Our experience and expertise combined with specialized and conventional concrete repair methods, enables us to deliver the most practical solution to various scenarios.


Surface preparation of the concrete substrate is considered to be the most crucial step in a concrete repair project


Finding the source of a water leak can be tricky if the source is out of reach. Industrial rope access systems provide fast access to find any leak and stop further damage.

The most important thing is to send men and women home in the same shape as when they arrived to work.

Safety first!

More than just words
We safeguard our people, projects and reputation by striving for zero employee injuries and illnesses, while operating and delivering our work responsibly and sustainably.

Safety is our top priority
Every person every level is authorized — and expected — to speak up when they see someone or something that concerns them or if something isn’t in line with our safety standards.

Risk assessment
Our Risk Assessment Document allows us to decide which safety measures are to be taken, and which personal protective equipment must be used on a case-by-case basis. We also prepare a fall protection plan on the basis of these figures.

You can’t measure Safety, it’s priceless.