what we do.

We protect industrial buildings, highrises and skyscrapers from the elements, utilizing world-class waterproofing systems.

Before materials are ordered, our pre-construction team works closely with clients, engineers and other key partners to execute a variety of services. The goal is to craft a well-defined project scope, schedule and budget that will drive each project’s success.


We serve as the liaison between you, the subcontractors and other project partners. Consider us an extension of your team. We will work with you from the first day of your project – planning and constructing a high-quality, functional project that delivers the best value for every dollar committed to your project.


We offer waterproofing solutions for commercial buildings, apartment buildings, parking garages, and much more. 

Membrane * Coating * Sealant * Caulking

Leak investigation

Our team is known for best practices to finding a leak and fixing a problem. We closely cooperate with engineers and we assist them in leak investigation openings.


High-rise painting takes special skills that not all painting companies can offer. To take on high rise or multi-story commercial buildings require years of experience and the right equipment.


With each engagement we focus on technical skill, budget constraints, safety, and customer satisfaction. Our list of services includes everything from minor leak repairs to large-scale restoration projects.

Glass Replacement

Our technicians are fully trained to carry out glass replacement for commercial and residential buildings.


Our post-construction services give you peace of mind knowing that we are still here for you even after we exit your job site for the last time. In fact, we hope that the end of your project marks the beginning of a long-term relationship with us.

Bastel is dedicated to being a partner
for all of your building envelope needs.